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    Invoking inactive affiliates
    Hi Everyone,

    I am running a merchant program which belongs to the legal industry.

    We have a total of 2k+ affiliates on various networks, but unfortunately we are getting sales from hardly 10-12 affiliates. Despite sending newsletters, special coupons, customized emails, I am not able to get any response from rest of the affiliates.

    Can you give your inputs? If things remain unchanged, I am not able to increase sales

    Thanks in advance.

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    Send me an email from the domain of the program you manage and I will opt you into the OPM only forum where you can discuss this with your peers.

    Also search on the subject as we have spoken about this frequently. Your numbers are not uncommon, what have you done to offer assistance, contest, top sellers to get those 2k active? What network are you on?

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    Not the best thread title, especially in light of recent events. Might I suggest changing it to "inactive" or "non-producing" affiliates?

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    Aff@ we just lost a dear friend who was an affiliate and long term member of this forum. Took the liberty of changing the title name based on AffiliateHounds suggestion.

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