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    Affiliate Networks Reason For Rejection?
    Why would an affiliate network reject a merchant application? In my experience, for some like CJ (for example) they have strict guidelines for the size of the merchant they are looking for. they tell you their rules, and if you arent a match it makes sense they will reject your application.

    I have found that the others don't tell you what they are looking for in a merchant, and when they reject your application they don't say why.

    Does anybody know if networks like Linkshare, google or Avant or some of the others have guidelines or maybe they just did not the program i was applying n behalf of?
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    I'm a publisher not an advertiser, however, I would find it hard to believe that any of the networks didn't have a least a minimum set of criteria for joining their network (if there is a network that doesn't, I really want to avoid them).

    With just a little research you could probably get a pretty good idea of what different networks are looking for. As an example, here's a screen shot of part of Linkshare's application that clearly spells out what they are looking for in an advertiser:

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    You need to be talking to their sales dept. and if that's difficult to get through to it might be an indication not to work with them. I know for AvantLink they have staff that are very responsive.

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