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    The Direct and Indirect Value that Affiliates Deliver to Advertisers
    Here is the Forrester Consulting white paper written about in the LinkShare forum back in June. I think its important to point out these conclusions as I get questions from merchants on a regular basis:

    Key Findings:
    • Affiliate marketing spend is on the rise and will keep pace with other areas of digital spend through 2016.
    • The affiliate channel produces new-to-file customers and generates incremental customer acquisition.
    • The affiliate channel attracts consumers who spend more than the average online shopper and are profitable for advertisers.
    • Affiliate marketing helps trigger brand reconsideration and often closes the sale for online shoppers.
    • Promotions in the affiliate channel have a positive impact on an advertiserís brand reputation and loyalty.

    Affiliate marketing has been bashed on for a decade but now has come of age. Perhaps these state tax laws can see the benefit and give the channel the respect it deserves rather than making affiliate jump through hoops to make them money. I am working with national marketing agencies that see affiliate marketing as an integral part of their online and total marketing strategy. Honest affiliates need to be treated as advertising partners which means transparency on all levels including network and merchant. Bad players need to be outed in all aspects so the rest of us can keep driving sales.

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    Good stuff Chuck! Thanks for sharing important information like this.

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