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    Not once, not twice, but three times they have used our website's contact form to invite us to join their program on SAS.

    On the second "invitation" we sent them a reply explaining to them why we are not interested.


    Thank you for your offer. However, we are not interested at this time.

    Reasons are:

    Website too new
    No track record on Shareasale

    Have a nice day.
    But yet they continue to SPAM us.

    SAS pretty much said it's doubtful they can do anything since the spam is not being sent through SAS.

    So, our choice is to block every different IP they use to access our site (as we have blocked their email address and now they are using a fake one).

    Seeing where they are based, I can understand why they think SPAM is considered marketing...

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    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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