has just teamed up with, which is on the Shareasale Network. DigitDoods are specifically designed to help text smarter, easier, faster and safer. DigitDoods are worn on the thumb and are made of a space age antimicrobial as well as pliable material which will work with any touch screen in today's market. When worn, the user will automatically place their thumb in an ergonomic position, thus the risk of injury due to hyper-extension deformities will be minimized if not eradicated.

What sets them apart?
1. Design being handled by highly reputable and internationally known engineers
2. The world’s first ergonomic texting aid and accessories
3. Injury due to hyper-extension deformities will be minimized
4. Products are available in the US, Canada and the UK.

Program Details:
Commission Rate: $3-4
Cookie Duration: Never Expires
Network: Shareasale

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We look forward to a mutually profitable relationship. Please feel free to contact me for further assistance.