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    February 23rd, 2011
    What happened to National Deals
    There used to be a national deals post everyday. I don't see it anymore. Am I missing something?

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    Groupon doesn't staff the forum any more but answers questions when posted here. I will check to see if we can automate their deals post.

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    Hi Janda-

    Unfortunately, the manual posting we were doing on Abestweb was cumbersome and a lot of affiliates asked for an easier way to take the information and extend it to their page. So we created a few tools that we feel are easier for them.

    Some of the tools that we find work better for our affiliates include our Microsite's list of top deals:
    Groupon Affiliates

    As well as a top deals page:

    If you have any other questions or would like more tips on where you can find deal suggestions, feel free to email me.
    Julia Kozuck-Hochstein
    Head of Affiliate Marketing-

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    Thanks! I found them

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