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    Wildly general question regarding article writing
    I write virtually all the time and had the following thought: why not make some money, writing articles? Currently, myself and a partner are developing a number of web sites and he pays me (small amounts, infrequently) to crank out the content. I'm on disability and he makes very little money, at the moment, in the finance industry (that's a shock, eh?). Essentially, he's the business guy and I'm the content guy. At any rate, to fill in the gaps - in terms of content - he recently purchased some articles. I know that they were short, and they were only ten bucks apiece, but they were generally horrific pieces of work. Four, of five that he purchased, had to be completely reorganized and rewritten - they were collections of run-on and fragmented sentences, poorly conceived and poorly organized, and used incredibly clumsy or just plain "broken" grammatical constructions. They were beyond awful. I have no idea where he found these people (all he will say is "one of those forums") but, according to him, they all supposedly had other customers, extensive bodies of work, and were recommended. I'm just confused. I put it to him this way, on the phone today: "The day after they invented the microphone everyone became a singer - apparently the day after they invented the internet, everyone became a writer". Anyway, it was some scary stuff.....

    To finally get to the point (as you can see, I can't stop writing): where would I post to get work writing articles? There are tons of categories on this forum and I really don't know where to start.... Thanks for any input.
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    the only job forum here is for Affiliate Managers but you have my permission to post a resume there. Make sure you follow the sticky guidelines.

    Recommend you sign-up at sites like:

    Good luck and take a breath now and then. Plus your business partner needs to stop paying for crap articles.

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    Thanks very much, Chuck. I may not post, here - I was simply under the impression that postings of that type were standard on this site. I just presumed I was looking in the wrong place(s). Great site by the way - I've enjoyed surfing and reading, a bit.....

    Thank you, again.

    An afterthought:

    "....your business partner needs to stop paying for crap articles"

    Yes, he does need to stop paying for articles that are complete junk. Essentially, we received ideas for articles - ideas for topics, for a tech blog. I, then, had to research the subject matter and write new articles. What he got - even though he only spent ten dollars per "article" - was completely unusable in the form in which they were received. I spent more time fixing the stinking things than I generally spend simply writing an article.
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    This thread inspired me to get back to - I'm a community admin over there and it's been relatively dead for quite some time. I wonder if it can have the life breathed back into it.

    I'm excited about being able to help others the way I'm being helped here.

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