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    Australian filing W8-BEN form and W7 (questions)
    Hi everyone,

    I am an Australian and a little confused on the requirements when filing the W8-BEN form with the IRS. Does anyone have experience here with this?

    I get to line 6 and it asks for a US taxpayer identification number. I don't have one of these, so it directs me to from W7 which has a huge list of requirements to also fill out (in regards to country exceptions for tax withholding), and can't see where I actually fit in the "Who Must Apply" section. Is an ITIN even required?

    Is there any Australian's on here who have gone through this process? I have asked both my AM's and IRS (through the online "Contact Us") but still waiting on replies (more than a week now from the IRS).

    Q1. Do I even need the ITIN number, or is my AUS Tax File Number OK (W8-BEN #7)?
    Q2. What "Reason for Applying" (Form W7) does being a non-resident US, working for Affiliate Networks actually fit into?

    Thanks in advance for any help you all can give,


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    Its my understanding that the merchant sends this to you after they have filled it out.

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    Thanks Chuck. I also received a mail back from my AM today saying that the ITIN is not needed for W8-BEN as I am international, and just to send through with my AUS tax file number in the foreign field.

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