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Thread: SellFire Adds Affiliate Window Data Feeds

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    SellFire Adds Affiliate Window Data Feeds

    This week I've added support for the Affiliate Window network to SellFire. I currently have over 4 million products from roughly 400 merchants included in the system. Affiliate Window coupons and deals are also supported.

    The Affiliate Window merchants represent the first large inclusion of non-US Dollar based data feeds. Publishers looking to promote UK based feeds now have a lot more options!

    You can see a sample product store of an Affiliate Window merchant on the SellFire Blog.

    Please let me know if you have any specific Affiliate Window data feeds you would like to see added to SellFire.

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    Jason MacInnes
    [URL=""] - Affiliate Data Feed and Coupon Store Builder[/URL]

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    Coming along nicely with more networks of merchants for us to choose from all the time. Thanks, Jason.

    I'm practically sitting on the doorstep of [link removed] keen young quality affiliate network, waiting for them to finish their API process — which they assured me will be soon now. When that happens, it'll be a race between them & me to let you know, so you can add them into your Aggregator too.

    What a "heads Up" that'll be for Aussie affiliate marketers & merchants to access the Sellfire system.

    ITM, keep up the terrific work, mate.
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    Just wanted to update and say that is now integrating Affiliate Window's US merchants, like LonelyPlanet, Value Pet Supplies, and DeepSurplus.

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