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Thread: Are you washing your hands long enough?

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    ok I wash my hands often, so now your going to make me sing too lol

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    I do my best to harbor germs so as to build my immune system. At least that's what I tell myself when I'm annoyed and don't want to take the time to even run my hands under the water.

    I do, however, wash after being at the grocery store or other public places. #theresnologictosomethings

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    Okay it's Sunday night in the north of Thailand and I am bored and I am going to be extremely controversial.

    Hygiene is vastly overrated. At least as far as preventing illness goes. It makes certain aspects of life more pleasant, I will grant that.

    Here we go (in no special order):

    1) There are no communicable diseases.

    2) There is no such thing as 'disease'. There is no pathology in nature. Everything happens for a meaningful purpose. Mother Earth knows what she is doing.

    3) There is no 'immune system'. There is nothing to be immune against. Microbes evolved with us over billions of years and are there to help us.

    4) Now I contradict myself: human beings are not a product of evolution. We are the only species on the planet that would become extinct if we didn't live in heated accommodation or wear clothes. If we had 'evolved' we would have an extra protective layer such as feathers or scales or fur like every other product of evolution. (Nonetheless, microbes are there to help us.)

    5) A very wise man said: "Animals are just things invented by plants to move seeds around." (Terrence McKenna.)

    6) For more than a thousand years we have been subject to psychological terror by the medical 'authorities'.

    7) Conventional medicine has little to do with science. It is based on hundreds of unproven hypotheses. It is actually an industry of death. For profit.

    8) Cancer is nothing to be afraid of. It is a perfectly natural healing process the body is going through. Cancer patients die of fear and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is VERY LUCRATIVE for the medical establishment.

    9) Cancer does not metastasize. It does not 'spread'. It does not eat you alive from the inside out. If tumours appear in different organs they are completely separate healing processes - often induced by the terror from the initial cancer diagnosis.

    10) Somebody please point me to the empiric, scientific proof for the existence of the measles virus, or the rabies virus, or the influenza virus, or the dengue virus, or the HIV virus, or, or, or...

    11) The existence of viruses was first hypothesized by Louis Pasteur in the 1880s for geopolitical reasons. Since the invention of the electron microscope it's possible to scientifically prove their existence. Why has no-one stepped up to the plate to claim the honour of being the first to prove the existence of these viruses? Surely they would be Nobel Prize candidates.

    12) Sorry, folks, but in a world full of nasty, sleazy, degenerate, perverse rackets the medical profession is the nastiest, sleaziest, most degenerate, most perverse racket of the lot.

    13) I know this has nothing to do with Bettymills. Apologies. Please delete or move. No worries. Just had to get some things off my mind.

    14) If anyone doubts point 11) - please point me to the scientific proof. (Hint - don't waste too much time looking - there is no proof.)

    15) I am actually very serious in every point I make. Take of it what you will. Debate very welcome.

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    In my 10+ years on ABW, I think this is probably the most interesting post I've seen on our forum. VampireSkunk, you are my hero for the day : )
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