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    Bloggers vs Vloggers
    Which method of blogging do you think generates the most traffic and sales? Blogging...text and images with text below it

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    I do both on my site and seem to have pretty good traffic.

    But it does depend on what your personality is for each. If you do all vlogging and you're dry and boring, then it might not work.

    If you suck at writing and you've got a great personality, then writing is something you should stay away from.

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    All things being equal, vlogging, if you know how to label and tag correctly.

    I read an article yesterday in one of my Linked in groups, if you are not doing video in this current stage of the internet, well then, you are not competing.

    The previous poster made a very good point. If you are a gifted writer, you can compete with video. However, if someone is a gifted communicator through filming, you might want to get your broadcasting chops up.

    At the end of the day, you can split test the same content blogging or vlogging and check out your analytics. That IS the beauty of the internet.
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