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    Just wondering if all the Canadians here are registering their vote for the greatest Canadian?

    If not got here
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    I would have voted but they did not even have the decency to put my name down
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    Darn they don't even have Celon Dion or Pam Anderson on the list...
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    People who start wars and vanquish their rivals are the ones whose names go down in history.

    So no names happen to come to mind. All Canadians are great by default if you ask me.


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    Wow - I guess this was a really old post - I would have voted for Terry Fox - that kind of courage and heroism is almost beyond belief - and look at the impact it has had even to this day, not only in Canada but all around the world! Besides, he was a British Columbian, which means I'm already biased...

    Go Canucks Go

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