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    incentive allowed afflilations
    Newbie question here:
    How do you know what affiliates allow you to give incentives to customers?

    I am aware most don't want you giving cash back, or "points" etc. However, if Farmville has taught me anything besides I have too much time on my hands it is there are a boatload of companies who will look the other way when a sign-up/trial order/purchase is rewarded with some kickback, be it "tokens" or what.

    How do I find or know which vendors allow this type of activity? Not asking how it is done/tracked just what keywords or lists should I look for? Is there an industry term? A list of companies that allow it in general?

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    Two ways:

    1) Read every network TOS and every merchant TOS
    2) Who is the competition using? - THEN read all the TOS. Dirty game out there and not all rules apply to everyone...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Each offer usually has specific terms.. Check them out (and read the fine print)

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