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    Rebate offers
    Hello all,

    I have a question regarding rebates.
    My site is a comparison shopping site .

    I would like to be able to collect all the rebate offers of all my affiliate merchants .(in a similar manner to pricegrabber [link removed]

    what would you think be the best API for that ?
    How would you approach it ?

    I would prefer to collect them through API.


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    Hi sdanpo, I deleted the link (you can only link out after 250 posts), but from what I understand, it's a summary of rebates, listed by specific products.

    Interesting concept, haven't seen a specific feed for that, but perhaps there is something out there. I've had mixed results with offers across all networks (wish they were better classified, and in CJ's case, they don't remove expired offers).

    If no one here has the answer, it might be worth contacting networks directly.

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    teezone - Great thanks for the answer.
    I can parse and live with expired results.

    The main problem I am facing is the normalization of the product.
    Meaning - I need it normalized to UPC code otherwise - I can do it only inside a network or even just for one vendor , but I cannot use it across (and I am a comparison site....)

    I will wait to see if someone here has an answer and in parallel will address the networks.

    Great advice!



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    Well, after dwelling a bit - all networks referred me to their coupons and deals feed.
    That is just extremely partial to the general picture of rebates.

    I guess I will have to do it by my own.
    Maybe one day I will join hands with sellfire or popshops to offer them that data ;-)


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