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    ShareASale Recurring Commissions with

    I am working with a SaaS client on creating an affiliate program for their business through share-a-sale.

    We want to give our affiliates a good deal, so a recurring commission seems like the smartest way to go, but before we sign up we are trying to find some documentation on linking recurring payments on to the share-a-sale platform.

    The scary thing is... I have barely found anything. This means that share-a-sale makes this so amazingly easy that no one has had any trouble with it before, or I am being so dense that I am missing some huge flaw in joining these two systems together.

    I called share-a-sale when I first started considering them, and they told me that the two systems can be integrated, but there is very little information out there that can help me put a proposal together for this.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    You would have to augment your database to denote a client as brought by an affiliate, perhaps do this by tagging the client record with an affiliate ID. Then when the new is paid you would manually bonus the affiliate. If you are going to do this then setup the program with perpetual cookies but on fairness to the affiliate do it on your end.

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    from what I remember SAS has a secondary interface for use when the usual method of a tracking pixel is not available. This was years ago so I'm not sure it this method is still supported.

    While the initial sale would be covered by the normal method the reoccurring commission would have to write to the file to be sent to SAS. (or however that method works.. but I think it was batch based)

    SAS commission based on reoccurring payments would probably be covered with this type of batch interface, back when I saw the reference to this second system the only mention was that you had to contact them for details.

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