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    Backlinks question
    Good afternoon everyone. I am plugging away diligently at my site. Lately, I have been answering a lot of my own questions about my site's overall performance by really looking into the #'s. For example, daily traffic #s, click-thrus, bounce rates etc etc. Thankfully, my numbers have been steadily improving. My CTR averages about 7.0%. Not great but not bad. Daily tweaks to my site should raise this a bit. Sales are slow because my overall visitor #'s are small. Seems time is a big part of that equation. In the meantime I have read and believe back-links to be a great way to drive traffic. I am still unclear as to how to establish these. Is it a question of me reaching out personally to other sites or is there a way to "advertise" my site/blog to a large audience and have requests come my way? Your thoughts/considerations are always appreciated. Thanks in advance.....Zootman

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    Run a search on "backlinks" and you will find hundreds of posts on the subject.

    One thing to keep in mind, valid backlinks are earned not solicitated.
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    Promote your website so you can get more traffic and backlinks. You can find forums and social sites where your potential customers are, meet them and create relationships.

    Backlink building can be accomplished through:

    1. commenting on blog posts or articles
    2. posting on forums and creating new forum threads
    3. submitting an article in which you have links in the body of the article or in your author resource box.
    4. posting answers, such as what you would see in yahoo answers
    5. adding links to your site on your member profile.

    However, the best thing that you can do is provide content that offers real value. Engage your visitors and give them articles that are interesting, engaging, and useful. Fresh content keeps people coming back to your web site, again and again. Your visitors would be the ones who will promote your site. This results in great web traffic, better search engine results and increase in sales.

    Hope that helps!
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    Great info Michelle, thanks for the input. Also agree with daiarian that good backlinks are earned and not solicited, better to be a part of the solution rather than the problem.

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    Thanks a bunch for the input. I am trying to engage my audience with great content and am updating it regularly. I have recently joined squidoo and ezines with the hope that my articles will circulate and result in more traffic. Seems that a lot of forums and offering answers to online questions doesn't give me the option to promote or even sign with my sites url, all they want/ask for is my email address. Anyway, I'm doing alot of reading as Darien suggested and getting a feel for whats out there. I very much appreciate all the responses I gather here.
    On another note, Does anyone know of a place I can go to get stats on typical affiliate results with time-lines? I wonder if my site is doing ok or floundering or what. It would be nice to have some sort of basic baseline on what a typical affiliate site can expect in the first year. I am generating some sales but not a whole lot and just wonder if I am failing, hanging on, or doing good. I read on this forum that it takes 6 to 12 months for most sites to generate the first sale. Thankfully, I beat that stat but would love to have some #s to compare against: like how many daily visitors, CT percentages and sales #'s. I'm happy to throw out my #'s. I get about 25 daily visitos, CTR of about 7% and have had 7 sales. My site has been live for 7 months but really only dialed in for about 4 of those. Thanks again. Zootman

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