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    Do affiliate read newsletters? I feel like I take a lot of time to create and write a newsletter, but I hardly ever hear feed back from my affiliates. I know you are busy makey money but do you find them valuable?? How can I make them more effective. My newsletters now include promotions for the month that will increase sales, new ads to go with the promotion and an affiliate tip.

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    One of the reasons I publish an HTML newsletter to affiliates is to track the open rates, and I typically see about 50% of the affiliates open it.

    That's the closest thing I have to how many potentially are reading it.

    I'd suggest including a call to action to encourage interaction from your affiliates. For instance, I put a mention in my last issue that I'd send a gift to all affiliates that sent a particular HTML creative to their e-mail lists. It got a rather healthy response.

    I have an archive of my newsletters (dating back to April 2000) at if you'd like to see what I've sent out.

    Shawn Collins
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    Shawn hit on an interesting idea, also, with archiving newsletters -- assuming you are putting all this work and valuable content into it, why not turn them into pages the search engines can index and draw more people to your site and affiliate program?

    It can also become a valuable resource for new affiliates, if you have a site search engine or easy site map or something.


    Tom Dalton
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    I spend so much time deleting spam these days that I hardly get time to do more than glance at the things I am interested in.

    I think all merchants should post what their top 25 affiliates earn. Not who they are.. just what they earn. It motivates people to see others have lots of cash rolling in.

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