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    I am planning to start a newsletter, so now I am wondering if I should create my own script or use a remotely hosted one. I can certainly code a decent mailing list manager (or modify one from a book), but it may take some time. And on a shared hosting account, there will be limitations on how big the list can be, don't want to bog down the server when I send out a newsletter.

    On the other hand, it will take a while to build a decent list, so I will lose some money in the beginning on the monthly fees for a remotely hosted service.

    Any input on how big list I can run from a shared hosting account? Is there any hassle involved with having the list on a shared hosting account? Any problems with importing/exporting subscriber lists to/from different mailing list providers?

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    I use shared hosting, and send a list out to roughly 6000 people. I just use a crude script that I wrote--it reads their name from a database and uses PHP's mail() command to send the newsletter out. Not the fanciest, but works for me.


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