We are pleased to announce the program launch of Paladin Press, EXCLUSIVELY on AvantLink!

For more than 41 years, Paladin Press has provided readers and viewers with top-quality books and videos on a variety of fascinating and unusual topics, including reality-based self-defense, survival and self-reliance, weapons, combat shooting, locksmithing, marital arts, and personal freedom. To do this, they seek out authors who are knowledgeable in their fields and encourage them to write or create videos for their niche market.

Paladin Press currently offers more than 800 titles in a variety of formats. They also offer 400 books for electronic download and 200 video titles for digital download, ensuring instant access to favorites. Additional titles added monthly.

Paladin Press Affiliate program highlights include:
  • 15% on all sales
  • 60-day cookie
  • International shipping options
  • Price match guarantee
  • Average order value: $80
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 800+ current titles
  • New titles monthly
  • Dedicated program management

Interested in applying to AvantLink and this program? CLICK HERE.

Let us know what we can do to help you get started. Feel free to contact anyone at AvantLink or the Paladin Press program manager Brad Efting, brade@paladin-press.com.

Announcement: Paladin Press is live @AvantLink!