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    Arrow How to gain affiliate relationship
    Hello all,

    I would like to open this thread in order to share some of my noob experience gaining advertisers.

    As you all now, some advertisers will auto-approve you as a publisher, some will require a small letter of request and others won't approve you till you show them the meaning of perminism = persistence + determinism.

    I would like to thank Chuck for his great help in all the process I have been going through in the last period with his great advice and personal touch.

    so following are some of the methods I found useful:

    • Apply - Simply apply through the affiliate program. For some vendors (most?) it will work and you will be auto-approved.
      Good feeling of getting the "You have been approved" mail for allmost no effort.
    • Write e-mail - For each Affiliate Advertiser there is an e-mail you can address in order to request personally to be accepted to their program.
      After getting the "Your application have been denied" mail - this is the next step.
    • Write E-mail Again - When I was a kid we had to pay by usage.
      We had to think and rethink about any e-mail we sent and any not-so-innocent content we wanted to see.
      Luckily, world has promoted and writing another e-mail costs nothing.
      Do it.
    • Write E-mail to Affiliate Program Support - You wrote to the Advertiser (at least twice in a week) and got zarrrooo response.
      Hit the Affiliate program support .
      Those guys are usually very influential and they know how to address the heart of the advertiser.
      Don't forget they also have an incentive as they earn their buck off of any dollar you make.
    • Call -
      Though I have not tried it in person yet, rumors and advice point out to this interpersonal method of communication as a highly efficient one in getting results.
      IT is much more difficult for the advertiser to say NO once the actual person behind is behind the line.
    • Write E-mail to Affiliate program support
      AGAIN??? - Yes.
    • Fax Headquarters -
      Some advertisers have the hope that once they ignore your mails , you will gather some wood , light a small fire towards winter and go to sleep.
      Well, they are wrong.
      You are determined and persistent and ....besides knowing what's best for your site , you also know what's best for that advertiser.
      All you need to do is convince them you are the best thing for them.
      Headquarters fax is a bit more difficult to ignore.
      Site down , make yourself some coffee , make sure the phone is right near hand.
    • E-mail the VP of bizdev / Marketing
      Find the right person in the organization you are targeting .
      Get his twitter/pinterest/facebook/e-mail , and just try and hit all buttons .
      One of them willl most probably work.

    Feel free to add to the list from your personal experience and knowledge.


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    It is really so difficult to get approved??

    Which affiliate program is good for beginners?

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    Well , it depends.
    From my own experience - the smaller ones are more prone to accept you as a beginner.
    The bigger ones will require more attention.

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    Dan, glad this worked for you. I do the same thing when I am trying to get service and get the run around. Call it the bill collector technique. I like this too:
    perminism = persistence + determinism

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    With those who don't do automatic approvals, as long as you have a credible web property listed in your profile, one that relates to the product you intend to promote or one that can potentially target the right customers, you should get approved quite easily. After the first review of your application.

    On the other hand, some set too many restrictions (parameters) for the auto-decline feature and cause the system to decline most applications.

    In any case, it is perfectly acceptable for an affiliate to write to the affiliate manager/support team to evoke a response, especially when you are confident that you can contribute to the company, big or small.

    Good luck.

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