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    looking for advice on how I can connect with affiliates
    Hello Abestweb community,

    My name is Porter and I recently got hired to a company to assist them in establishing their affiliate program. I am very new to affiliate marketing and am trying to help my team strategize on how to partner up with affiliates, so I thought it couldnít hurt to bring the discussion here and ask you all for some advice.

    To give you a little bit more information, the company I work for just recently launched their affiliate program. Our website has over 100,000 registered users. However we want to integrate ourselves into the affiliate community to increase awareness and bolster our increasing number of users.

    Thus far I am experiencing difficulty getting affiliates to partner up with us. My boss is hesitant to pour money into promoting our program until we have exhausted all other strategies. We have tried sending personalized emails to potential affiliates that would fit well with our program (in terms of common user base). I have also added our program to directories but I am stumped on how else to reach affiliates without spending money on promotions. I realize that simply building a program wonít result in every affiliate being aware of it and signing up and that affiliate marketing is a partnership where it is important to cultivate a relationship of trust and mutual benefit. I just canít seem to figure out the best way to make the initial introduction to potential affiliates. I do believe our affiliate program is pretty competitive. Any and all advice is very welcome. Thank you very much!

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    Are you on a network and are you competitive there? If not then you need to advertise your program here and elsewhere as no one know you.

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    Publicize your program wherever you go. Whether it is LinkedIn affiliate groups, Facebook groups, twitter, etc. If you are on forums that allow it to be mentioned, maybe start a blog and get traffic to it, and promote it there. if you have trade shows, dont just promote your business, but promote your affiliate program as well. write to bloggers and review sites in your industry and try to get them interested in your program. There are lots of possibilities.

    Eventually you will probably have to spend money and advertise, but there is plenty you can do prior to that.
    Rafi Goldmeier
    Affiliate Manager (OPM)

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