Affiliate Window are excited to announce the launch of the ScoreBig affiliate program!

How does ScoreBig work?

ScoreBig offers sports, concert, and theater tickets at 10-60% below box office price. Every ticket on ScoreBig is below the retail price. Users select an event, a seating category, and then they make an offer for tickets. They find out instantly if the offer is accepted or rejected. If it’s accepted, they get the tickets, but if it’s rejected, then they cannot make an offer on those tickets for 24 hours. That being said, ScoreBig will often times do a one-time counter offer. Additionally, ScoreBig charges no fees, so the price a user offers is the price they pay.

Why join the ScoreBig Program on Affiliate Window?

-Earn 15% commission for new purchasers and 8% for repeat purchasers
-45 day cookie duration
-API available
-Datafeed coming soon
-Great selection of links & banners
-ScoreBig is unique! Live entertainment fans make an offer on more than a half million live event tickets – all below retail price and without fees!

Want access to our API? Find our documentation in the documents section of our Affiliate Window profile.

Learn more about the program & apply here.