I know that if we take the Target coupon our commission rate would go down to 1% across the board. However, my supervisor wants to promote the $5 off $50 coupon on our sites; therefore I am pursuing this. I have reached out to Target, requesting the coupon (just how they state it should be done) and they did get back to me asking for my account ID. I sent that email a couple of weeks ago. I have followed up a couple of more times, but still nothing.

Do I need to have better performance before I can get the coupon? I did get an email from GAN saying that our performance was not that great with Target (clicks but no sales), which started me on this process again. The GAN rep seemed to indicate that there would be no reason why I could not, even reiterating how to request the coupon.

Should I even pursue this, given the (lack of) response I am getting?