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    I only heard about how adsware are stealing affiliate sales in the forum. After some reading, I know what are they and what they do. So, I have a question.

    How do I know if I am being affected by adsware?

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    One can only guess.
    If you KNOW for sure that you are sending targeted traffic to product pages , the price is right , and the clicks continue to be recorded, yet few or no sales ever show up ,
    it's a safe guess that some of your sales are being stolen somewhere in between the point of your visitors exit, and the shopping cart .

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    January 18th, 2005
    Ohh, so do any web site provide a list of merchants which are popular targets of adsware?

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    Most all theftware domains like have a list of their merchant sponsors. So check out and iWon or even to see who monitizes their BHO plug-in. Haiko has with a list of merchants for certain B-a-HO's.

    We and the merchat AM's need to put pressure on the networks to publish a list of known BHO affiliates.

    Charlie ...

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