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    Worst Affiliate Acceptance letter
    This was a great article by Eric Nagel on Geno Affilate Blog Prussakov's Affiliate Blog.

    I reviewed my acceptance letter and made several changes. The letter was written before I took over the position, and had not been updated in awhile.

    Our acceptance letter is quite long and gives specific details on how to set up and affiliate account on our platform. It also instructs the reader on how to get links.

    Wouldn't most publishers already know how to do that? Should I take all that information out of the letter and make it more about our program?


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    Good question Susan. Since most applications are newbie affiliates offering recommended links and banners can help them get started ASAP. For Super Affiliates they are more interested in Top Sellers, Deals, Slotting Fee Opportunities. That can be handled with a follow-up email template and offer to setup a call.

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