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    How to market ebooks?
    What are the best resources / websites / tools to market an E-book??

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    If your name is any indication of who/what you do (poetry), then you should look to, and/or publishing on Amazon Kindle. There are plenty more that offer this type of service.

    They will give you the website and tools, however, ultimately it's you who are responsible for promoting (marketing) your book. Try googling "market ebook" or "marketing your ebook" for more comprehensive resources.
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    I'd use social media sites. video and set up some blogs if you want to go the free way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CatherineK View Post
    I'd use social media sites. video and set up some blogs if you want to go the free way.
    This is a pretty good plan. I would also donate a few copies to people who will review your book and tell their social media contacts. Good luck with the ebook!

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