is happy to diet with because Skinny Dippers® offers zero-calorie desserts and appetite-control smoothies, i.e., a diet plan for mere mortals!

Beside dieting, Skinny Dippers are also ideal for diabetics watching their sugar-intake; Pre-Portioned Ices, which can be stored at room-temperature and refrozen over and over, are sweetened with Splenda, and the Appetite Control Smoothie Mix is sweetened with Truvia.

You saw what happened with New York and their ban on large sugary drinks. Beat Mayor Bloomberg at his own game, and get snacking sensibly with

What sets them apart?
Pre-portioned, zero-calorie dessert
Great tasting
Sugar-free, caffeine-free
Convenient, on-the-go packaging

Program Details:
Commission Rate: 18-35%
Cookie Duration: 90 Days
Network: Shareasale

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We look forward to a sweet, though sugar-free, and mutually profitable relationship. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.