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    GAN: Quickly create links with our new Chrome extension for publishers
    Google Affiliate Network has just published the following:

    Quickly create links with our new Chrome extension for publishers

    If you're an affiliate publisher, you might be looking for the most efficient ways to promote great products. With this in mind, we’re happy to announce the Google Affiliate Network Link Builder, a new Chrome extension that makes creating product links fast and easy.

    Publishers have long been able to create links by signing into Google Affiliate Network and creating a Publisher-specific link (PSL). Now, the Google Affiliate Network Link Builder enables publishers to create affiliate ads that link directly to unique product pages -- right from an advertiser’s website.

    If a great product catches your eye while browsing, why shouldn't a PSL be anything more than a click away? With our new Chrome extension, it isn’t. The extension displays a button in the corner of your browser window. If the advertiser's program supports deep linking, you can easily create a PSL for any product you’re viewing by clicking the button.

    Get started

    To start using the Link Builder, just follow these steps:
    1. Sign in to Chrome with your Google Affiliate Network publisher login and password. Here’s a step-by-step process for signing in to Chrome.
    2. Visit the Chrome Web Store and download the Google Affiliate Network Link Builder. This will add the icon to your browser.
    3. Next, visit an advertiser website where you have an existing affiliate relationship and search for a product.
    4. Found a cool product? Use the extension by clicking on the icon and a pop-up window will prompt you to create a PSL with one click.
    5. And that’s it! Copy the PSL to your clipboard, and you can begin promoting it right away.

    How it works
    The extension works entirely by making calls to Google Affiliate Network’s public API, and the only requirement is that you be signed in to Chrome with your publisher account. Once loaded, the extension downloads all your advertiser relationships into memory and then recognizes when you have an affiliate relationship with a website you’re visiting. The extension's open source code is available for all to see, as an example of how to use Google Affiliate Network's public APIs.

    We encourage our users to study and use the code to support their creative endeavors. If you have questions or feedback, please let us know in our public support forum.

    Posted by:
    Ben Collins-Sussman, Engineering Manager

    Read More From Quickly create links with our new Chrome extension for publishers...

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    This is fantastic thank you so much! The GAN interface is tedious and irritating to say the least (not being able to simply refresh the links page with settings kept intact is so annoying)

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