This is easiest to spot in Netscape, by going to view-pageinfo.

You won't find it in the HTML source for their pages, because it's injected via Javascript include.

It's a 1x1 pixel image that appears to be collecting browser info.

What really concerns me is that the domain name used appears to be constructed to put people off the scent: (that's an o not a 0) so their use of a capital hints that they want you to do a whois on the totally unrelated instead of

Browser info sent to them includes screen resolution and colour depth, browser window size, browser type, javascript version, and other stuff I cannot decipher.

Javascript hackers might have more luck. THe javascript is at

There is no website at which makes it all the more bizarre.

So why would eBay Canada be using a service that goes out of it's way to keep itself a secret?