Self-professed health and safety experts (moms) at are thrilled to partner with long-term preparedness specialist provides high-quality, great-tasting emergency and long-term (25 year shelf-life!) food storage at $1.50 per meal. They offer everything from ready-made meals and gourmet freeze dried meats, fruits and vegetables to camping meals, 72-hour kits, back-up generators, emergency stoves, survival kits and of course water storage options. is committed to efficiency and innovation, fresh ingredients and great taste. And above all, takes pride in their excellent customer service and premium-quality products.

Donít wait for disaster to strike; get prepared with!

What sets them apart?
1. Highest Quality Food Storage w/ 25yr shelf life
2. High average order size (over $600)
3. 2% site conversion rates
4. Vast Creative Library

Program Details:
Commission Rate: SAS - 14%; CJ - 12%
Cookie Duration: 120 Days
Network: ShareASale, Commission Junction
Datafeed: Yes

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We look forward to a long-term, non-emergency relationship with you! Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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