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Five For Friday ? October 22-26, 2012

Here are five of the most interesting and informative posts and articles for this week:

1.* Google Facts: The Changing Economics of AdWords — WordStream took a look at 26,000 advertisers on Google to discover the low down on details of AdWords (CTR, CPC, stats by industry, etc.) to figure out how Google was able to show an increase in advertising revenue at the same time as their lackluster overall financial performance for the quarter. Nice infographic, but be sure to read the analysis below as well.

2.* The Disavow Tool Works! Real Sites, Real Recoveries! — SEOWizz has examples of real cases where using the recently released disavow tool from Google appears to have worked.

3.* Coming Soon: Unique Landing Pages by Match Type in Bing Ads — If you use Bing ads, they are in the process of adding the capability of unique landing pages by match type. Be sure to check out the details if this applies to your marketing plan.

4.* How to Prove the Value of SEO in 10 Minutes — Search Engine Watch has a succinct article that will help you persuade a non-believer in the value of SEO.

5.* The Four Types of PPC Keywords — Certified Knowledge presents a slightly different approach to thinking about types of keywords that will work best for paid search.

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