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    U.S. Govt. Big Brother? Court Case
    Google often is given the pejorative term "Big Brother" but a
    Supreme Court case that could affect us all will be decided
    Monday, October 29, 2012: Clapper v. Amnesty International USA

    Is Big Brother the New Normal? The Supreme Court Will Decide - Garrett Epps - The Atlantic

    But suppose you find out that Big Brother is watching some other unnamed people. And those other people sound a lot like some of the people you sometimes work with. And if Big Brother really is watching those people, you need to watch what you say, or stop talking to those people altogether. But you don't know for sure ...
    Is Big Brother the New Normal? The Supreme Court Will Decide - Garrett Epps - The Atlantic
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    Google does what it does for profit. Government surveillance, around long, long before G was ever thought of, is done for vastly different reasons, some legitimate, many not so legitimate. Since the early Cold War days of McCarthyism, US government spying on its citizens, in the guise of "national security", has continually expanded, with a few checks from Congress before 9/11/01, and none since, and with even fewer checks from the Courts.

    Clapper v. Amnesty International USA (oral argument tomorrow, but no decision is likely to be released for months) will be easy pickin's for this Supreme Court. I'll wager the house that Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Kennedy and Roberts will be the 5-4 majority who say the plaintiffs' have no standing to sue, and I also bet that there will be a concurring opinion, probably written by Alito, full of dicta ((term for stuff a judge puts in opinion that has nothing to do with the case at bar, but which he wants people to know he thinks is true) saying that "national security" trumps the stuff that sucks, so even if they had standing, they'd still lose.

    Most people would be astonished to learn what the US government does regarding spying on US Citizens since 9/11/01, in the guise of both "national security" and the more acceptable duty of spying on all those foreigners who are out to get us. The facts of this case, as outlined by Prof. Epps, bring to mind the egregious violations of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, committed by the FBI under g w bush, and documented in a great Washington Post article in 2010, "FBI broke law for years in phone record searches". Epps describes how government officials only need to submit properly filled out paper to the FISA courts in order to engage in what ever surveillance they want under the FAA. The Washington Post investigative reporters revealed that from 2002 through 2006, FBI agents operating under a similar system just made up phony emergencies after the fact to justify warrantless searches under the ECPA.

    Bottom lie is that Clapper v. Amnesty International USA will not effect us - what started under Eisenhower, exploded under bush, and has continued under Obama, will go on, under one Federal law or another, either by bureaucrats following the law or not following the law, and the courts will not stop it from happening, at least not until we have Justices on the Supreme Court with the courage, conviction, intelligence, and fortitude of the likes of William O Douglas, Earl Warren, Louis Brandeis, and of course, John Marshall, who stood up to political power like no other Justice in US History by writing the opinion in the most important case ever before the US Supreme Court, Marbury v Madison, that told politicians where they could stick their unconstitutional laws.

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    Loved your post, AffiliateHound, thanks
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