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Trend Micro Australia & New Zealand Affiliate Margin Increased!

The holiday season is off to a roaring start and Trend Micro Australia & New Zealand wants to keep the momentum going. From now through December 31st, 2012, affiliates can enjoy the special margin at 30% and sell Trend Micro’s best-selling products for 20% off!

This 20% off special offer will apply to Trend Micro Titanium™ Antivirus+, Online Guardian and DirectPass

Trend Micro Antivirus +:
• Antivirus and Antispyware
• Social Networking Security and Facebook Privacy Scanner
• Windows 8 Secure Browser
Trend Micro Online Guardian:
• Monitor activities on social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr & YouTube
• Filter out adult and inappropriate content
• Protect against cyber-bullying and predators
Trend Micro DirectPass:
• One-click login and Secure password generator
• A secure browser for visiting banking and financial websites
• Automatic synching of your login information across multiple devices

Join NOW and enjoy the limited time only offer!

Happy Selling,

The Trend Micro ANZ Affiliate Team

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