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All-New Razer Surfaces now on Pre-order

How often do you credit your mouse mat in your victory speeches? In our opinion, not often enough and we want to change that. We want to shed some light on the unsung hero of your arsenal. Your mat is as crucial as your mouse and keyboard in helping you snag that winning kill – through offering you that extra speed, the steady precision or by simply being that reliable accomplice to your conquests.

As we introduce 4 brand new mouse mats to our line-up – the Razer Invicta, the Razer Manticor, the Razer Destructor 2 and the Razer Megasoma 2 (coming soon), we want you to know how much science and dedication is poured into each one of these surfaces and why each matters in their own right.

Head over to to learn more about our entire range of mouse mats, find the one that suits your gaming profile best, and what makes our surfaces scientifically superior.* Don’t forget to join the Razer program through oneNetworkDirect to start selling today!

Made for Precision. Designed with care.

Razer Invicta

Razer Manticor

Razer Destructor 2

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