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    ShareASale "Featured Program" advertising
    Hey guys,

    So I'm the in-house affiliate manager for a company and we recently launched our program on ShareASale. We've currently got roughly 60 affiliates but the preliminary traffic they have sent us is minimal and there have been no conversions. My question to you all is do you think it would be worth the money to invest in some of the "featured program" advertising on SAS?

    I know affiliate stuff doesn't happen over night but I would really like to start seeing some conversions so we can get our EPC up and hopefully attract some higher caliber affiliates.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    You talking the primary featured program or category?

    You'll get results on both, but the real issue with network sourced affiliates is whether they are a fit for your program and how many you'll accept if you manually approve. I tend to focus my energy on proactively recruiting affiliates specific to my program then supplementing that with what the network brings me.

    If your product had broad general appeal, the main featured program spot will definitely get you attention as will well selected category sponsorships. To get best results, design a really good eye catching graphic that pushes a strong promotion and the top selling features of your program.
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    Thanks for the advice. Our service wouldn't really appeal to the general public as it is a financial tool so I definitely think the categorized advertising would be the best. I too proactively recruit affiliates into our account through CJ and I was really just wondering if this featured program stuff through SAS was worth it in terms of ROI.

    I've also dabbled a little bit in the affiliate aquarium through SAS but that too has come up short. Any advice for using that as a recruitment/networking tool?


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