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    Fake Ads
    Anybody else having other people use their domains for fake ads?

    I got emails from 2 different merchants today saying I was brand bidding, but I never do any bidding, I have never paid for an ad in my life.

    It looks like someone is buying ppc ads where they say they have a coupon for 75% off. Which of course they don't, they then require a real mobile phone number and email. So, it looks like they are just harvesting contact information. Then when I tested they just sent me to at the end, but I guess sometimes they are sending them to my site, since I'm getting all these warnings.

    I'm sure I'll get everything straightened out, but this is annoying.

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    I have heard from PPC affiliates about other affiliates creating fake ads then directing to the first affiliates site. They are doing this to get the first affiliate removed from the program. After a few weeks they come in and trademark poach for commissions.

    I would document and contact the merchant to insure nothing comes back on you.

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