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    Text Ad Composition on Share-A-Sale
    Hi All,

    I've just joined ABW (as a new merchant) and this forum is blowing my mind with new info. I've one (hopefully quick) question I'd like to ask. I'm coming from the PPC world where the description in the text ads is critical. Here's an example of one of ours (the first line is the title):

    "Unique Celtic Necklaces
    Designer Necklaces from Ireland
    Buy Online Now & Get Free Shipping"

    - Are there any guidelines for the text ad composition with AM, specifically, in terms of the text length, line breaks, syntax, case, punctuation, etc?
    - Should I just copy the PPC format?
    - Is it important or will the affiliate just change the text anyway?

    I'm thinking in terms of clicks and conversions. Thanks for any help, I'll keep digging!!

    All the best from Ireland,


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    The network will limit the number of characters, check the help system to find the details. Yes applying PPC principles is the way to go. Use direct language. Be careful of punctuation and its always a good idea to login as an affiliate and verify that the links make sense.

    Affiliates can always change your copy but seldom do unless it is crappy to begin with. They will change if they are incorporating into a review but that would only make sense.

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    Hi Chuck, thanks for that. After reading how important text links for affiliates are (next to banners), I'm surprised that there's not more reading out there how to compose them correctly, but I'll follow your advice, and compose like with the PPC ads. Thanks for your help.

    Have a great weekend!

    Irish Heart

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