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    Panda Refresh November 5, 2012
    The Google snuck in a Panda Refresh on November 5, 2012.

    Saw a spike in traffic on the 5th. A drop in traffic on the 6th (which I originally attributed to election day) and another drop in traffic on the 7th. Today is also not a good traffic day.

    Do not know if the refresh was completed or not...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Election Day was slow as expected. Honestly, with all these Panda and Penguin updates going on I don't even know what normal traffic is anymore for my websites. Traffic has been so up and down this year that I don't have steady consistent stats to even compare to.

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    Thought I would pipe in on this update...

    I have three distinct "sections" on my main site:
    1. Pure content, with select few affiliate links
    2. Pure content, but less text than above
    3. Custom database component with a bit of content (90/10 ratio).

    In the past 2 weeks, the pure content site has made a major recovery since disaster struck back in Jan/Feb. The crash can be attributed to development errors AND Panda (drop in traffic, I panicked, everything got messed up!). I'm now one of those sites that have 3-4 listings near the top - I know I'm supposed to be annoyed by that, but it's a huge relief that my reputation has been restored. At the same time, some of my content has been timely, which has resulted in a few high profile re-tweets, and an increase in visitors who search for my domain name in google.

    Second section is newer, but has been steadily growing in traffic as it's updated 2-3x per day. It was a backup plan only - not built using Wordpress, Joomla, or any other popular CMS, which means it requires custom programming to change. No fancy plugins or modules to screw things up. The business model here is short, more frequent content. It has been surprisingly steady, and well ranked in image search.

    Third section has moved up a tiny bit, but not enough to matter - this was the section that took a major hit due to a programming error that spawned infinite URLs. A malformed canonical URL only made things worse. The problems have been fixed since Sept 2012, and while Google WMT errors are dropping at an excellent pace, there are still too many. I don't expect this section to see any recovery until errors are zero.

    I can't really draw any conclusions here, but thought I would share my experience!

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    Very, very glad teezone your site's been recovering !! Hope the part that took the largest hit continues to recover but at a quicker pace.

    To be honest I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the traffic for the simple reason I don't really know what I could do to change it and would drive myself crazy watching it. (drove myself crazy with Google's page rank years ago) Been paying a lil bit of attention to one site since this had been talked about and a site that had moved above it has now moved below it. So, maybe I'll go back to not paying attention since things look a teeny bit better now.

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    November 11th, 2012
    Got PR 3 for my 7 month old site... feeling soo good.

    @purplebear: Yes we cant do much about the traffic but we can find the quality niche which is bringing lot of traffic to our site and to bring that to top position in google search. Its fun and this can bring a lot of traffic to our site.


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    i agree with you, the traffic is so important.. like that you will not lost time on bad backlinks websites... and concerning the panda update my traffic drop down since the first update and now it's recover but not too much, i think the update still running...

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