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    Best Number of Banners
    Hi ABW,

    I'm a new merchant on Share-A-Sale. I'm reading a book on AM (not sure if I'm allowed mention titles here) and in it the author states that you should have the following banner sizes for each section:

    88x31 pixels button - 3-5 buttons
    486x60 pixels - 3-5
    125x125 pixels - 3-5
    120x60 pixels - 3-5
    160x300 pixels - 3-5
    120x240 pixels - 2-3
    120x600 pixels - 2-3
    234x60 pixels - 2-3
    254x331 pixels - 2-3
    728x90 pixels - 1-2
    300x250 pixels - 1-2

    ....but that would mean I've to create about 30 banners for each section on our site. We've 18 sections and sub-sections, so it would be a total of 540 banners. I don't mind doing them, but is that many absolutely necessary? I thought I'd before I spend my weekend in Photoshop

    Many thanks,

    Michael O'Donnell

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    Here is my suggestion.

    a) Get your Logo at

    b) Go with UAP on IAB standards
    IAB Display Advertising Guidelines: The New 2012 Portfolio

    Let your publishers know that you are easily availble with banners with any odd sizes.

    Also, you don't need to do 540 banners at once.
    I would suggest working it in batches to keep your creative fresh.
    Think about quarterly creative refresh.

    All the best

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    I start a program with 6-12 then add seasonal/promotional banners as those become available. If an affiliate asks for a size not in the program we get them ASAP. Here's my guideline:

    No code has to be inserted here.

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