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    Question Dropped by 3 Costume/Party Affiliate Programs
    I recently was dropped by 3 Costume/Party related affiliate programs
    on CJ. I prefer not to state names but the "parent company" of at least
    2 of the programs [perhaps the 3rd as well] sent me a notice which said
    in part:
    Unfortunately, due to low performance and our company re-evaluating the channel from the top down, we've been mandated to restructure our affiliate program and as a result we're going to have to remove you from the program effective in 7 days.
    Is anyone familiar with the mandate to restructure programs?
    How much of a burden on the financial books of the affiliate program is an affiliate who follows the rules, has the domains and the hosting but whose performance is low?
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    two have dropped me lately. There exist many more such and I'll remember.

    Oh, and they fear lower EPC.

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    Same here. For one merchant, I know their excellent OPM no longer handles them, so that is probably a hint as to what is happening. I also had some personal issues with the other one.

    Not to derail the thread, but how did you guys do this Halloween season? It's usually a big time for me, but this year was a disaster - about 50% of last couple of year sales/commissions.

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    We contacted several affiliates (not related to Halloween) that had high clicks but little or no sales for one of my merchants. The ones that responded we worked with to find ways to increase their conversion. The others who didn't respond after several attempts we removed. This was a request (not a mandate) from the merchant as we were retooling the program. The above you mentioned sounds like an excuse from a weak AM as to why you would be removed.

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