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Five For Friday ? November 5-9, 2012

Here are five of the most interesting and informative posts and articles for this week:

1.* Instagram Launches Facebook-Like Profile Pages — we knew it was coming, and here it is — Facebook starts to do some work with Instagram — so you need to start work on your branding. Read about it here at Position2.

2.* Creating Offers That Work With Neuromarketing Secrets — Tim Ash, a frequent contributor to our magazine, shares some tips for making your product offerings speak to the subconscious mind.

3.* Failed Content Marketing Predictions Revealed – if you like discovering if predictions about online marketing came true or not, Content Marketing Institute has put some together from the past related to the hot topic of content marketing and a chance to provide your own for 2013.

4.* 5 Things To Test For Better PPC Performance — Perry Marshall has a not-to-be-missed article on PPC over at Wordstream. Excellent stuff! If you do ads on PPC, you need to remind yourself of these time-tested tips.

5.* The Secret to Natural Site Conversions for Usability and SEO Part I — Kim Krause Berg is starting what is sure to be an excellent series on SEO and usability. This week emphasizes the word “Who” and how you need to tells searchers who you are. FYI, in our Winter issue (you can still subscribe until November 12th to receive this issue plus a FREE ebook) Kim writes an article about usability and keywords that complements this series perfectly.

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