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    Question about US Thanksgiving - timing
    This might be a dumb question, but please keep in mind I'm in Canada... and no longer work in an office!

    My website has started to recover a little, but with everything that has happened in 2012 (Panda, etc), I no longer have relevant year-over-year statistics at my disposal. Apart from people looking for holiday deals, general traffic from USA readers should be dropping this week - and I'm curious what to expect as the week progresses..

    Do businesses close early on Wednesday.. ? Do most people travel on Wednesday.. and should traffic start dropping earlier in the week..? I realize every niche is different, but I just want to know the habits of the general US population this time of year!

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    My kids are off Wed with one out early Tuesday. Most of US offices will be closed Friday but shopping, restaurants will be in full swing. My kids are here this year for Thanksgiving (step kids) otherwise they would be flying Wednesday evening and coming home Sunday evening. I would expect traffic to drop Wednesday through Thursday night.

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    I am taking off Thanksgiving although will get up early to check accounts. I am going skiing then cooking for six as my wife is working at one of the resorts here for the morning. Friday I am doing the same in the morning.

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