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    Tip: When your site hangs in IE
    Just thought I would share an interesting troubleshooting tip..

    I have a page within Joomla that uses a tabs plugin, which means you can toggle between two tabs that contain information. I don't know the technology used, but it's some javascript/mootools effect. The content of these tabs are 2 auto-generated HTML pages using a custom database.. nothing fancy, just very nice presentation. Page loaded perfectly in Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera, but was hanging badly in IE. I spent 2 hours troubleshooting the plugin in IE, javascript issues in IE, mootools & various versions of IE.. to no avail.

    Decided to validate the page: The W3C Markup Validation Service

    Turns out the "auto-generated" html had repetitive errors on every line (closing tag in wrong place, etc) - not enough to impact the display in other browsers.. but enough to completely halt Internet Explorer. After I fixed the markup errors, the page loaded blazing fast in IE.

    So for everyone trying to figure out why a page doesn't load in IE, it would appear the threshold for validation errors is much lower than other browsers!
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