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    Question Any all in one datafeed importer for Wordpress?

    Does anyone know of a All in One datafeed importer for Wordpress?

    Something that will take datafeeds from the different affiliate networks and import the data into posts.

    I know there was one for CJ Datafeeds, I have that somewhere but was wondering if theres something else someone created ..

    OpA! Giasou Ti kanies!

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    did you check Wprobot.. it have an option to do so... there is also some plugins to grabb datafeeds but you will still to do some manual edition...

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    popshops has a wordpress plugin ... can't vouch for how good it is or anything, but I know that they have one.

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    WP robot is not a strong tool and especially bad at CSV import of any magnitude, I do have it and do not use it. Too many bugs and weak responses from the developer.

    A few other options, Turbo CSV,, WP All Import. CSV 2 post....

    I have tried most of the import tools and I do not think there is one that does it all. They all have some quirks and tentative business models. Make sure to test imports on your intended theme prior to purchase. Most of the issues I find come up with theme conflicts.

    Oh yea and I would suggest you not purchase "Datafeed Import Plugin" from digitalquill. I had to force a refund through paypal. The product is not maintained and the developer does not respond.Pay pal agrees.

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