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    Which site builder to use for affiliate marketing site?

    I would like to know which site builder is the easiest to use (no html/css knowledge required), that is free or cheap, has backup capability, and has security protection.


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    I would recommend learning WordPress. It's super easy to start, and endlessly customizable. There are tons of great looking themes for free and even the premium themes aren't that spendy. Plus it's such a common platform, if you ever need any help, all you have to do is search forumsm or go to oDesk and ask.
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    I'd go with WordPress or check out - Shareist was built by a long time affiliate (Scott Jangro) with the new publisher in mind. It's easier than WordPress to get ramped up on, you can use a private domain, have pretty good control over look and feel. It also has some nice features to make affiliate linking easy and has a great work flow for publishing content. It also functions as a "publishing dashboard" which means that if down the road, you decide to use WordPress, it can be connected to WordPress and used to generate your content there. It's also got some pretty slick social sharing work flow once you have published the content that helps you get visits.
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    Wordpress get's thumbs up, easy to use and great support. Once you understand the basics you have so much available to you you'll never need another platform.

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    I am using webs. You can create your own website easily with webs using the user friendly function. No need to have html or programming knowledge. I have 3 sites under webs all of them are free sites

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    Whats the learning curve on using wordpress? Webs seem like the logical choice because of its drag and drop feature and no technical knowledge is required. Thanks for the responses!

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    If you want to learn wordpress it's ideal to watch some video tutorials. You'll get the hang of it in a few days. But nothing will help you more than actually diving in. For SEO purposes you'll want to add a few plugins to your website that will help with your SEO efforts. You'll want the ALL IN ONE SEO plugin as well as the xml sitemaps plugin.

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