We recently joined pepperjam. However we are having serious problems integrating the pixel in our thank you page. We use the Amazon webcart and we haven't had any problems previously with other programs. Does anyone know how to fix the pixel below to get it to work?

Lastly, please provide any feedback on your experience with Pepperjam.

<iframe src="https://t.pepperjamnetwork.com/track?PID=0000&INT=ITEMIZED &ITEM1=<ITEM1ID>&ITEM2=<ITEM2ID> &QTY1=<QTY1>&QTY2=<QTY2> &AMOUNT1=<AMOUNT1>&AMOUNT2=<AMOUNT2> &OID=<OrderID>&PROMOCODE=<promo1>,<promo2>" width="1" height="1" frameborder="0"></iframe>