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Thread: Gorgeous Last Minute Gifts

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    Hello, ABW Friends!

    Give Christmas Bouquets and Gift Baskets as gifts - and hurry up, Santa; don't be late!

    ***"Dream Big on Xmas" Bouquet

    ***Chocolate Caramel Apples Gift

    ***"Christmas Spirit of the Season" Gift Basket"

    To assist in your promotion, below you will find 3 text links and 2 banner links. Please replace "USERID" with your SAS Tracking ID within the text links, and then copy and paste the links to your website.

    Text Links:

    1. "Dream Big on Xmas" Bouquet

    <a href="">&quot;Dream Big on Xmas&quot; Bouquet at</a>

    2. Chocolate Caramel Apples Gift

    <a href="">Chocolate Caramel Apples Gift at</a>

    3. "Christmas Spirit of the Season" Gift Basket"

    <a href="">&quot;Christmas Spirit of the Season&quot; Gift Basket&quot; at</a>

    Banner Links:

    <a target="_new" href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

    <a target="_new" href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Gracie Fowler, Copywriter

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