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    Merchant invited to join in-house program
    I had a merchant suggest I join his in-house affiliate program which offers higher commissions and a different (better?) tracking system. Anyone know if there is anything on CJ's part that could prevent me from doing this?

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    You can leave networks anytime you wish and go in-house . But do you believe in their tracking and their commitment to pay you on time?

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    Our largest single source of income comes from an indy program - have been with them over 10 years and they have had a program since 1996.

    As akaGorilla stated: You have to trust their tracking and commitment to pay. Without any history - "caveat emptor"...
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    If you trust the merchant and they have good technology, go for it. There is nothing restricting affiliates from working with a merchant in any way they like. I'd definitely place a couple of test orders through the internal technology before you migrate fully though.
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    Ok, thanks all for your help. I can understand the loss of the benefit CJ provides by going in-house. I thought there might be something contractural that I was unaware of which prohibited merchants from poaching affiliates from CJ this way. It seems there is not.

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    You can't recruit affiliates in a network to another networked program or in-house. Some merchants like to cherry pick top affiliates and move them in-house. They can save 2-3% on network fees. Personally its a pain in the ass as you have to do all the accounting work which when I ran multiple in-house programs ate up two days a month for me, plus a day for an accountant to cut and mail checks. The president had to sign them too which too an hour of his time. In this case we had a high priced in-house program that started that way. Moving to a network would not have yields much as we had the top affiliates.

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