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    Question What are you looking for in a merchant?
    Hi folks,
    So I am new to this, but have been putting together a website to sell some products. The website has been operational now for a couple of months, had a few sales, but have not really begun to market.
    I joined Shareasale and I am trying to get a feel for what an affiliate really wants from the merchant.
    So far, my thoughts have been the following and is what I am gearing towards.

    1 - a simple website for the consumer to use.
    This seems to be extremely important and something I tried to focus on in the development.
    2 - great customer service
    While I wont have 24 hr phone staffing, I will have quick email responses.
    3 - ample product selection
    I am constantly adding products to the website and keeping it simple to navigate through them

    Currently I accept PayPal only, but I get the feeling that it will be more prudent to accept a wider variety of payment gateways. I would love to get feedback on that.

    Currently I am only shipping to the 48 states, will this greatly effect the affiliates that I attract? I know it will somewhat, but it seems that dealing with international customers are very risky. Actually, I know that for a fact.

    I would really love to get some feedback here if possible, thank you in advance.

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    Without actually seeing your website and products it's going to be hard to give feedback.

    Generally, an affiliate will also require banner images in case they already have websites and would just like to place a link to your product.

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    Feel free to post your site here and we can give you direct feedback:

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    I wouldn't submit your site for review just yet..

    1) A current (and accurate!) datafeed is top priority for me (and other affiliates - the topic has been discussed extensively)

    2) Competitive commission and cookie duration, but that goes without saying.

    3) Banners & creative - good quality in all the standard sizes

    4) Conversion - this is where you might have trouble attracting affiliates, as your site is very new. You've only been online for a couple of months, which may not be enough time to establish a track record. I generally don't look at historical conversion as a metric as there are opportunities everywhere, but what happens if you sell out of products quickly? That will cost you some affiliates in the long run.. we don't want to send traffic to "not found" pages, etc.

    The above is a just a guideline..

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