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    User Acquisition via In-house Affiliate?
    Hey all, it's my first post. Looking forward to a good discussion. Anyway, I'm getting ready to launch an affiliate program for my company, but I have a couple of concerns I'm trying to work out.

    My company is an online platform where users earn points and rewards for using their social media influence. So basically, the program I'm launching will exist to drive new user sign-ups (Facebook login) and ongoing engagement (redeeming rewards). The problem is that unlike many other affiliate programs, I only have one "product." It's new user signups.

    My questions:

    Is it typical for affiliates to be okay with just running one offer for a company?

    Any thoughts on how I could expand our offering to make it more diverse/appealing?

    Have other affiliate managers out there tried doing user acquisition through an inhouse affiliate network?

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    You're going to face some serious challenges doing this in-house - no one knows you or your company; they don't know if your site and creative converts, if you pay your affiliates, etc. (Sorry, just playing devil's advocate here, but I've been in this industry for a long time!)

    A lot will also depend on your payout schedule - is the comission high enough to warrant promoting this program over others? What is involved in the sign-up process - how many questions or pages to convert?

    Ways you could help make it more appealing include:
    1. Bonus structure - based on the number of sign-ups in a month (be VERY careful about fraud; this type of program almost begs for it).
    2. Bonus commission structure - perhaps give the affiliates an initial commission for the sign-up and a second when the user becomes active at a certain level.
    3. Make sure you have an excellent interface that offers comprehensive statistics to your affiliates.

    Hope this helps!

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    So if I get you a sign-up what is the reward?

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